Silk Carpet, Legend of Weaving.



hand-made Persian silk carpet This is the complete picture of hand-knotted Persian silk carpet z185283,6x9ft (185x283cm),100% genuine mulberry silk piles on silk warps, standard 260lines, 22lines per inch, 470 real tied double knots per square inch quality,brown color border with white field, pile height around 5mm, weighs around 14kg.Qum design silk rug, central medallion with inner brackets layout, floral pattern, 2 girls around 12 months to make.

此照片显示波斯真丝地毯 z185283全貌. 尺寸为185x283公分,百分之百纯桑蚕丝,手工编织,标准260道双打结实绞工艺,22道每英寸,470结点每平方英寸密度,棕黄色大边白地,绒毛高约半公分,重约14公斤,可水洗,葵圆包角碎花伊朗库姆图案.2个熟练织工需12个月方可完成.

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