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rural scenery wall hanging
Rural scenery silk wall hanging z4620, 124x185cm, pure silk made,470KPI quality, the design is rural scenery, farmers are ploughing, herdsmen are herding sheep, animals are running, beautiful hill, river, lake, trees, mosque, buildings are well displayed. In the center of this pictorial rug there are 12 horoscopes. The whole design shows the tranquil scenery of the countryside.

乡村风光真丝艺术挂毯z4620,124x185公分,纯真丝织成,625双实结每平方英寸质量,此挂毯的图案是乡村风景.农夫在耕田,牧人在放羊,动物在奔跑,有人在骑驴赶路,有在人田边休息.山包,小河,湖泊,动物,树木,清真寺,房屋 都有展示.毯子的中心织有十二星座图.整个画展示了宁静的乡村生活.

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