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Chinese silk carpets and silk rugs occupy an importation position in oriental rugs and enjoy a great reputation. China's carpet weaving art had century's old history. Assimilating the essence of Persian carpets, the skillful Chinese craftsmen improved the workmanship to the peak of perfection and they knotted very refined Persian designs pure silk carpets with 260lines quality, 300lines quality,400lines quality and above, which can match or exceed the Iranian Qum silk rugs and Turkish Hereke silk rugs in quality and workmanship. Due to the high quality and competitive price Chinese Persian design silk rugs are welcomed in the high-end market. A lot of carpet dealers imported our Persian designs silk rugs but tagged with their labels to sell and made huge profits. However, it is a pity that most buyers didn’t know the origins of those carpets were from China. Like other traditional handicraft industries, Chinese hand-knotted carpets industry is declining in output after the year of 2000. Many weavers switch to other jobs to make more money instead of knotting silk rugs. So the high quality Chinese silk rugs will disappear soon and absolutely their value will increase a lot with the time passing by. Our craftsmen exerted their wisdom and comprehension of art; used their deft hands and resolute stamina and patience to make the magnificent silk carpets which are not only functional but also collectible as weaving artwork. One beautiful Chinese silk rug contains rich information. From mulberry planting, silk worm breeding, silk reeling, yarn dying, designing, hand knotting, trimming , washing to selling, every step has a real and moving story. It is a special material wealth and spiritual wealth to possess one piece of high quality Chinese hand-knotted silk rug. It can give you permanent sense of beauty and enjoyment. Our high quality silk carpets will accompany you to move towards the glorious future.
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Silk carpet is the most luxurious floor covering
Silk carpet with shining color
Silk rug with beautiful design
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