Art wall hanging and tapestry is a kind of beautiful weaving art work. The weavers use different colored yarns to represent the people, landscape, and animals. The workmanship is complicated and it takes a long time to make. Compared with embroidery it is more difficult to make. For a good wall hanging, the colors have gradations, the expressions is lifelike with strong artistic effect. The wall hanging can be framed to hang on the wall like one oil painting. Generally speaking, wall hangings are asymmetrical in design you can only appreciate from one direction. We produce a few extremely fine silk tapestries with very high knots count. They are called soft gold.
Noah's Ark silk wall hanging tapestry z75109,,75x109cm, pure silk made, 625KPI,quality,

the Last Supper silk wall hanging tapestry z89107, , 89x107cm, pure silk made, 625KPI, quality,

Flower fairy tapestry wall hanging sw6296,62x96cm,
silk and wool made, 900KPI.
flower fairy wall hanging sw9561, 95x61cm, silk and
wool made, 900KPI
peacock and peony silk wall hanging tapestry 6494, 64x94cm, pure silk made, 625KPI. plum blossom silk wall hanging 6592, 65x92cm, pure silk made, 625KPI (sold out)
Chinese ancient beauties silk wall hanging 94125, 94x125cm, pure silk made, 470KPI. Chinese ancient beauties playing with monkey
wall hanging z94140,
94x140cm, pure silk made, 470KPI
3361, Qingmingshanghetu silk tapestry is standard 700lines quality.It is 33cm by 61cm.(sold out)
hunting design silk wall hanging z93158,93x158cm, pure silk made,625KPI quality,7 horses and 7 hunters Rural scenery wall hanging z4620, 123x185cm, pure silk made, 470KPI. Chinese ancient beauty tapestry sw94126 94x126cm,silk and wool made, 330KPI (sold out)

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