We can offer the professional silk carpet cleaning service for you in Beijing.
Hand-made silk rug
is the king of rugs and valuable. Genuine silk is delicate. So when cleaning you must be careful. Inappropriate cleaning will make the silk rug lose luster, change color, cross color, and make it harden and shorten its service life. Thus it will damage its quality and value.
When cleaning a silk rug, we must make it keep shape, keep color and keep luster. A high quality silk carpet has dense piles; the dust and stain inside are not easy to remove. So it is complicated and difficult to clean the silk rug and we must use the right method. For professional cleaning it goes as follows.
Before cleaning remove the dirt. Put the silk rug on a frame, make the surface down, use a stick hit the back softly.
When cleaning, submerge the whole silk carpet into a clean water pool, add some salt, color fixing agent, and detergent suitable for washing silk, brush the surface from the direction of the piles. Then take the rug out and put it into another pool, add softener in the water, which will make the silk rug soft, neat, and shining. After cleaning put the rug on a clean stand, use a thin plunk to scrape the remained water. After that hang the silk rug to dry it in air and use the soft brush to brush the surface again to keep the piles smooth. When the rug is nearly dry, iron the surface and back to keep it in good shape. If some silk ends obviously appear on the surface, clip them.
Common cleaning company or laundry is not professional to clean the silk rug. It is a risk to use their service. Their cleaning easily makes the rug color run and damage the rug. The result will be terrible and beyond your expectation.
Generally speaking every 1 or two years you need to clean your silk rug thoroughly.

In daily life you can vacuum the silk carpet to remove dirt but not vacuum the fringes. You can also use the wet towel to wipe the silk rug surface to keep it clean. If the silk carpets are stained but not seriously you can handle this problem timely. For different situations of stains the ways of stain removal are different.
A. For soft drinks, milk, coffee, tea, red wine, and chocolate stains, you can use lukewarm water with non alkaline detergent to clean.
B. For egg, shoe cream, and blood stain you can use lukewarm water added with salt or non alkaline detergent to clean.
C. For urine of pets stain you can use lukewarm water with white vinegar to clean.
D. For oil stain, you should use white towel, oil-absorbing sheet cover it and iron the towel until the oil is absorbed.

How to take care of silk carpet?
Silk carpet is a kind of luxury decoration. When use it, you should attach great attention so as to prolong its life. When place the silk carpet, it is better to put a good quality underlay on the floor. This will not only give a better resilience underfoot, but also prolong the life of silk carpet. The carpet mat can absorb the moisture of the floor and prevent the carpet slipping. But it is not a must. When you don't use the carpet you should roll it following the direction of the piles and store it at a dry place in case of being damped. Depends on the traffic every 6 months or one-year please shift the direction of the carpet so that the piles can keep in good condition.

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