The embossed artistic effect of traditional Chinese design silk carpets.To shear the outline of the pattern is always applied in making traditional Chinese design silk rugs. This can emphasize the motif of the silk carpets, the flowers, symbols, birds, and mythical animals’ images can vividly stand out on the carpets. The special workmanship is very distinguishable from the Chinese Persian design silk carpets. Usually the piles are thicker than the Chinese Persian style silk rugs. Chinese design is also sparse and not as intricate as Persian design.
The meaning of designs and colors on traditional Chinese style silk carpets.
The designs on traditional Chinese design silk carpets usually stand alone and have exact meanings and they are symbolic rather than decorative. The symbols of Buddhism and Taoism are quite often seen, such as a swastika (), a Yin and Yang picture, and ideogram “Shou” (means longevity). These symbols are always weaved on the border of the carpets. The main designs are very rich and also have different connotations. Peony means prosperity and wealth. Plum flowers and bamboo symbolize pure. Clouds mean auspicious. Dragons, which are a symbol of great power; phoenixes indicate immortality; bats mean happiness. Deer means long-lived. Horse means success. Cranes mean longevity. Mythical animal Kylin means auspicious. Vase means peace and harmony. Book means knowledge.
The colors of traditional Chinese design silk carpets quite often used are red, white, blue, beige, yellow and black. Red indicates great joy and happiness; yellow symbolizes royalty; white means purity; blue means immortality and heaven, green means vitality, black and other dark colors denote solemnity.
The design of Chinese carpet is succinct and elegant also with rich content. Chinese design rugs are not as luxurious as Persian design rugs however their unique charms are still loved by people who fascinate in Chinese culture. Chinese style rugs are usually thick in 90lines or 120lines. They are made of thick yarn of wool or spun silk and usually embossed. The rugs have good foot feeling.
TC1,Red Dragon Design,
different sizes
TC2,White Peony Design, different sizes.
TC3,Red Bat Happiness Design, different sizes.

TC4, Longevity and Happiness Design,different sizes.

TC5,Crane and Peony Design, different sizes.
Bat carpet TC21,differnt sizes.

TC6,Blue Peony Design,5x8ft,8x10ft.

TC7,Green Peony Design,
TC8,Red Peony Design,
6x9ft, 8x10ft.
TC9,Horse Design, different

TC10,Magpie and Crane Design,different sizes.
TC22 DragonCarpet
TC11,Red Horse and Chariot Design,many sizes.
TC12,Peony Design, different sizes.
TC13,Kylin Design,
TC14,Blue Dradon Design,
different sizes.
TC15, Crane Design, 4x6ft.
Peony carpet TC23,differentsizes.
TC16, 5 Dragon Design,
TC17,Dragon Design,5x8
TC18,Birds Design,
different sizes.
TC19, Orchid Design,4x6,
TC20, Crane Design, different sizes.
Peony carpet TC24,differentsizes.

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